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Leggo my Legume! x-posted. - B More Radical!

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October 18th, 2005

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08:20 pm - Leggo my Legume! x-posted.
Hey everyone,

I am currently calling for submissions to a zine called "Leggo my Legume," which will contain activist/anarchist/liberal/whatever information, articles, comics, whatever people want to throw my way, as long as it can photocopy alright and isn't racist, sexist etc. (the usual rules). LmL is based in Baltimore, and hasn't gotten off the ground at this point, but we're hoping to breathe life into it. Submissions can be sent to bohemianrhapsody@comcast.net, just put LmL or Leggo my Legume in the subject line, also, if anyone has a query or comment, that's the address to send it to. Really anything goes, if you want to get something out into the world, this is a good chance. We'll be sending copies wherever the wind blows.


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