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May 14th, 2007


* What: Join Day-Laborers to Demand Living Wages at Oriole Park at
Camden Yards
* When: Sunday May 20, starting at 3 PKM
* Where: Meet @ St. Patricks Catholic Church (Broadway and Bank St,
Fells Point neighborhood, Baltimore, #10 bus)

Next Day Staffing, the worst of the worst at Camden Yards, violates human
rights by profiting off of poverty wages using public dollars.

The cleaners at Camden Yards are demanding that Next Day Staffing stop:

* Illegal transportation charges for mandatory van trips to and from
Camden Yards
* Illegal wait times that force workers to wait for hours off the clock
* Paying workers at Camden Yards less than the state's minimum wage
* Threatening and harassing workers and organizers who are demanding
there rights at work

Join us...mark your calendar today.
Concert and family cookout at Patterson Park to follow protest.

Call 410-522-1053 for more information.

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January 5th, 2007

03:57 am - if you can feel the whole legislative thing even a little bit...please sign up to show your support

(click on the picture, it's a link)

Equality Maryland is holding it's annual lobby day on February 12 in Annapolis...I'm a district coordinator so if anyone has any questions about anything my e-mail is jenna.brager [at] gmail.com.

One of the things we're advocating for, and what I'm focusing on, is getting hate crime legislation that is inclusive of gender expression and identity. If you're interested at all, please please please sign up and come.


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September 10th, 2006

02:55 pm
TOMORROW Sept. 11th, 2006
The peace path will be occuring again
Every year since september 11th 2002 hundreds of people line up on Charles Street to say "NO to war", and "YES to peace". This path will go all the way from the north end of the beltway to the inner harbor. The time is from 4pm-6pm.

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May 22nd, 2006

08:56 pm
Pimp n Ho Ball ProtestCollapse )


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January 20th, 2006

02:15 pm - more BARC events (way x-posted to everywhere)
Please check out these upcoming animal liberation events!

Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition Events:

WHERE: Intersection in front of Wegmans (median strips, look for the chickens)
122 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD
WHEN: Sunday, January 22, 12noon

BARC events and meetings are open to everyone, regardless of whether you've come out before, so new people please feel welcome to attend. Please go to www.wegmanscruelty.com for information on the campaign to get Wegmans hens out of tiny battery cages.

A Concert for The Yabba Pot Sponsored by BARC
WHERE: The Yabba Pot, 771 Washington Blvd. in south Baltimore
WHEN: Saturday, January 28, 7pm
Featuring over three hours of live music including a reggae dj. Dancing 'til 2am, hot sauce eating contest, plenty of The Yabba Pot's amazing food to wash it down. There will also be an auction to benefit The Yabba Pot. If you have questions or can donate item/s for the auction, please contact Bob Pyle at bobpyle150@hotmail.com.

Please note that the concert scheduled for February 4 has been cancelled. We hope to see you on January 28!

WHERE/WHEN: Saturday, February 11
Two Wegmans grocery stores--
Wegmans, 45131 Columbia Place, Sterling, VA 20166 12noon
Wegmans, 11620 Monument Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 2pm
BARC will join friends in Virginia as we pressure Wegmans to go cage-free in front of its two Virginia locations. Signs and leaflets provided. Interested in carpooling? So are we!! Please email info@baltimoreanimalrights.com.

The Baltimore Animal Rights Meet-up is tentatively scheduled that night, Saturday, Feb. 11 at 5pm in Pasadena, MD, depending on whether people can make it. These are a great way to get involved and meet people if you are new to animal rights. Please visit http://animalrights.meetup.com/20/events/4828559/ and RSVP!

Upcoming Conferences:

National Conference on Organized Resistance
American University in Washington, DC
February 3-5

Sowing Seeds Humane Education Workshop
Baltimore, MD
February 18-19

United Poultry Concerns 6th Annual Forum
Using the Media Effectively to Promote Farmed Animal and Vegetarian Issues
Columbus, Ohio
April 8-9

Helping Animals 101
Several PETA Confernces will be held around the U.S.--Closest conference to Baltimore:
Philadelphia, PA
April 29-30


Monday February 13: Anti-fur Demonstration in Washington, DC See www.antifursociety.org and stay tuned for details
Friday, February 24 (TENTATIVE): Demonstration in front of Wegmans corporate headquarters in Rochester, NY. Several groups networking to make this the best it can be.
Sunday, March 19: Wegmans opens a new store in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Several groups networking to have a presence there.

Best wishes from the Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition.
Current Music: defiance ohio- i dont want solidarity

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January 2nd, 2006

08:37 pm - BARC events
This community seems to be kind of dead, but just in case it isn't...

The Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition has been busy with the Wegmans Cruelty campaign (www.WegmansCruelty.com), demanding that Wegmans Food Markets stop using battery cages on its egg farm in Wolcott, NY, and raising awareness of the cruelty of factory farming in the process. At our demonstration last Sunday, a photographer from the Towson Times and a reporter from The Jeffersonian documented our efforts.

Please help the Wegmans hens out by making a call to Wegmans' corporate headquarters in Rochester, NY at 1-800-WEGMANS (1-800-934-6267) to ask why there are protesters outside their Hunt Valley store every weekend, and why Wegmans won't make a welfare improvement that their competitors Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Trader Joe's have already made. Thank You!

Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition


WHAT: BARC will have an e-mail party on Saturday. The admission? Send an e-mail (computers will be set up at the party) asking Wegmans Food Markets to stop keeping hens in battery cages on its egg farm in upstate New York, and send an email to all your friends asking them to do the same. This event is being combined with the January Baltimore animal rights meet-up, which is a monthly gathering for food, fun and informal conversation about animal rights (See http://animalrights.meetup.com/20/events/4805015/) so bring some vegan food if you can. Cassette, a band from Florida, will be there, as will local musician Savory James.
WHERE: 818 207th Street in Pasadena (Anny's house; call 410-900-0011 for directions)
WHEN: Saturday, January 7, 5pm
THE AFTER-PARTY: The Yabba Pot ("Specializing in authentic international vegan cuisine," www.theyabbapot.com) at 771 Washington Blvd. in south Baltimore is having a Samba Party that night, scheduled to be hopping until 3am.


WHAT: BARC will have a demonstration in front of Wegmans in Hunt Valley on Sunday. We would love to see everyone at every demo, but if you can only make it to one, please come out for the birds on the 15th instead, when we'll be contacting some media outlets!! Thanks!
WHERE: 122 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030, on the median strips at the intersection of Shawan and York Road.
WHEN: Sunday, January 8, 12noon-1:30pm


WHAT: Please come out to support the hens on Sunday the 15th; we'll be trying to get some additional media at this demo.
WHERE: 122 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030, on the median strips at the intersection of Shawan and York Road.
WHEN: Sunday, January 15, 12noon-1:30pm
Demos are followed by BARC meetings at a local eatery. BARC events and meetings are open to everyone, regardless of whether you've come out before, so new people please feel welcome to attend.


WHAT: A One Love Celebration, concert and auction for the Yabba Pot, sponsored by BARC
WHERE: The Yabba Pot, 771 Washington Blvd. in south Baltimore
WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 28, time and more details to come!
Current Music: the pixies- down to the well.

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October 27th, 2005

12:20 am - food not bombs @ red emma's
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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October 18th, 2005

08:20 pm - Leggo my Legume! x-posted.
Hey everyone,

I am currently calling for submissions to a zine called "Leggo my Legume," which will contain activist/anarchist/liberal/whatever information, articles, comics, whatever people want to throw my way, as long as it can photocopy alright and isn't racist, sexist etc. (the usual rules). LmL is based in Baltimore, and hasn't gotten off the ground at this point, but we're hoping to breathe life into it. Submissions can be sent to bohemianrhapsody@comcast.net, just put LmL or Leggo my Legume in the subject line, also, if anyone has a query or comment, that's the address to send it to. Really anything goes, if you want to get something out into the world, this is a good chance. We'll be sending copies wherever the wind blows.


Current Music: pedro the lion

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02:53 am - 2006 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference Volunteer Meeting And Call for out-of-state volunteers
.Dear friends,
I would like to invite everyone to the Volunteer Meeting for the 2006 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference,
An Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference.  Time and Date: 7pm-9pm, Wednesday, October 19th, 7-9 PM, 2005, Location: Laughing Horse Bookstore, 3652 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97202. No charge.  Free, light vegan refreshments.  Detailed driving directions with maps (for local or out of state origins) are found on the website.  The conference greatly welcomes the help of not only face-to-face volunteers but also volunteers who can only help from out-of-state, or out of country who work-from-home with or without the internet.  Workshop proposals will also be accepted.  More details on today's entry of my journal.  Thank you,...
Love for the people.

"There comes a time when the operation of the machine is so odious that you cannot even tacitly participate, You’ve got to place your bodies on the gears, the wheels, all the mechanism. And you’ve got to indicate to those who own it and those who run it, that unless you are free, the machine will be prevented from working at all." - "Unless You Are Free" Song Lyrics by Utah Phillips/Ani DiFranco

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Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Unless You Are Free - Utah Phillips/Ani DiFranco

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August 27th, 2005

05:36 pm - X-Posted
Free anti-war rally + concert in Washington D.C. hosted by Jello Biafra. Check Band Slut for more info!

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